Pooja Bagri

Pooja Bagri works as an independent consultant and advisor and has over 18 years of experience in the field of strategic management and consulting. Topping her university in both her Bachelors and Masers Degree, she possesses an astute sense of both business and law. She believes in being proactive and is dynamic and energetic.

Pooja has spearheaded strong negotiations for growth and worked with the key international players to secure joint ventures. Among some of her notable achievements has been to help in the renewable energy space and build solutions with world leaders in the space. She has also been the chief architect of growth and new synergies in chemical and technology companies. She played an active role in Reefex Energy, Mumbai and Tagros Chemicals, Chennai in strategy and business development, prior to settling in Singapore as an independent strategy and finance consultant. She has directed global strategies to help in the diversification and even divestiture into newer products and markets. Whenever she finds time from her busy schedule she loves to travel, hike and play badminton.